Composite Decking

         TAMKO® Building Products, Inc., has highlighted the unique features of its Envision® composite decking that can provide real solutions for builders and contractors facing a skilled labor shortage.  The brand is calling out these features in a newly released chart comparing Envision to three of the other top composite deck boards on the market. 

         Envision’s specially blended colors and an enhanced warranty continue to make it a top choice among homeowners for its beauty and durability.  Its unique compression-molded construction creates deep-grain patterns you can feel and bold color blends that call to mind the beauty of exotic hardwoods.  Both the grain and color patterns are random, never repeating across a single board, providing a more beautiful and natural looking deck.

         This year, Envision is highlighting the product’s unique construction and dimensions that can make installation faster and potentially more profitable for contractors and builders.  In a year when labor shortage is the biggest issue facing most installers, choosing Envision Decking can help.

         Envision’s larger, 5-1/2” width requires fewer boards to complete the job and can speed installation.  Envision’s unique compression-molded construction and specially blended colors means no two Envision boards are the same.  This eliminates the need for contractors to sort boards or pre-lay the deck, saving time and money.  Envision boards are full, with no scalloped edges, making installation faster and easier.  Additionally, Envision boards have a long list of approved fastening systems, including most of the major fastener brands.

         Envision also has a 25-year limited warranty not only for residential installation, but commercial as well, making it an attractive choice for businesses and multifamily construction.  The 5-year full start period of the warranty also applies to commercial applications, providing unrivaled coverage in the industry.  Compared to several competitors, Envision has significantly wider stair stringer spacing requirements, 12”, compared to 7” and 9”, also reducing installation time.

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