Directional Motor

         The Bi-Directional RF Era Inn Edge motor from Nice Group can easily work with a bi-directional wall switch or transmitter to effectively operate window treatments and set operating parameters while providing motor status and confirmation that the motor has received the command.  The Bi-Directional motor has improved range thanks to mesh technology.

         For applications that require integration with other devices, the Bi-Directional Era Inn Edge product can be paired with Nice’s Building Management System to provide easy motor set-up.  Plus, with the new Edge motor’s Bi-Directional wireless mesh operation, extracting motor status and diagnostic information is readily available.

         Nice Group USA designs, manufactures, and markets home automation products in over 100 countries throughout the world.  Nice is passionate about design and therefore seeks to provide products that are not just technologically advanced, but also aesthetically pleasing and extremely simple to use.  It’s all about improving the quality of life by simplifying everyday tasks and movements.

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