Garage Door Windows

         Haas Door®, a manufacturer of steel and aluminum residential and commercial garage doors, has launched the new SelectView option.  Through SelectView, customers can place windows in almost any location they desire in a garage door.  SelectView provides builders and homeowners with more aesthetic choices for garage doors to complement home styles.  Whether a person has a preference for a trending modern glass pattern or a more traditional window placement, SelectView helps achieve their personal design goals.  SelectView puts the choice in the customer’s hands so they get the exact look they desire.

         Another advantage is the cost savings of this window placement option.  For example, in a standard door you can put four windows across the top of a garage door.  With SelectView, you can move those four windows anywhere in the door and the cost will be the same.  There’s no special or added pricing for using SelectView to move the same number of windows into a unique pattern.

         SelectView uniquely provides options for windows in the bottom section of the garage door as well.  This allows for glass to be used in all panels of the garage door, giving the look of an aluminum rail door, but providing two additional options.  With SelectView all-glass garage doors, the sections themselves can have a wood grain texture to them.  Also, the SelectView all-glass door comes insulated with polyurethane, providing added performance.  Decorative, specialty glass, and inserts are available through SelectView, dictated by the glass options typically found in the garage door product line chosen.  Many options are available, including insulated and non-insulated glass.

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