Railing System

         Superior Aluminum Products has introduced their Series 2000 Cable Railing system, which provides modern styling and a virtually unobstructed view.  An ideal complement to any interior or external architectural design, this new product adds a modern and contemporary feel to any building.  It meets OSHA, ADA, and ICC safety criteria.  Stainless steel cables combined with aluminum posts and rail assemblies form a strong, durable, maintenance-free system that will last for a lifetime of use.  The cable railing is available in any height, with standard heights of 42” for commercial and 36” for residential projects.  This aesthetically pleasing and functional railing system is ideal for residential, commercial, and public buildings; high-rise buildings; condos and apartments; motels; balconies; parking decks; public walkways; backyard decks; and anywhere a contemporary look and virtually unobstructed view is desired.

         The 3/16” 1×19 type 316 stainless steel cable is made from 19 strands for high tensile strength with no stretching.  The 2-1/2” square aluminum posts can be surface mounted, side mounted, or embedded into concrete.  Exact degree of slope is required for step railing prior to fabrication so that pre-drilled holes can be elongated to accommodate the angle and ensure that the cable runs in a straight line.  Maintenance-free finishes add a distinctive touch, and are available in baked-on enamel, anodized, or duranodic, in white, black, dark brown, and satin anodized.

         Headquartered in Russia, Ohio, Superior Aluminum Products is a manufacturer of aluminum railings and fencing, and aluminum and fiberglass columns.  This third-generation family-owned and operated company has been making aluminum products since 1956.  Their decorative and functional products are custom built to customer specifications, with CAD drawings created for layout, design, and manufacture.  This allows them to identify and prepare for any slight difference or oddity in any area, and greatly simplifies installation.  Their maintenance-free products are ideal for commercial, municipal, and industrial facilities, as well as single-family and multifamily residential locations. 


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