Waterproof Sealant

         When it comes to selecting a tough, high-performance sealant, the choice is clear.  Ultra Clear™ Flexible All Purpose Waterproof Sealant from DAP®, a provider of home improvement and construction products, has flexibility that won’t crack and a finish that stays crystal clear.

         Professionals and homeowners have relied on DAP for years to provide superior sealing solutions for all types of interior and exterior projects, and Ultra Clear is no exception.  This versatile, crystal clear formula can be used for sealing just about everything from the kitchen sink to gutters and flashing on your roof.  It stops leaks instantly with its strong wet surface adhesion while maintaining its crystal clear appearance for a seamless, professional-looking finish.

         Developed for a broad range of interior and exterior projects, Ultra Clear stays permanently flexible, even in cold weather, providing a 100% waterproof and weatherproof seal to keep out water, air, and moisture for years without cracking or breaking down.  It has strong adhesion to a wide variety of building materials such as wood, glass, metal, tile, brick, and stone, without tearing or pulling away.  It can even be applied in low temperatures and on wet surfaces to stop leaks instantly and save time. 

         Unlike silicone, Ultra Clear applies crystal clear and stays that way with no hazing or yellowing over time.  Once cured, it’s also mold and mildew resistant, which combined with the crystal clear clarity, results in a seamless blend with the surface and a better finished appearance.


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