Moisture Control

Dörken Systems Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance air and moisture barriers, has announced the launch of new DELTA®-DRY & LATH. The new product takes on one of the building industry’s biggest challenges, managing moisture to prevent mold, wall rot, and decay in stucco and manufactured stone buildings. DELTA-DRY & LATH combines the proven technology of the DELTA-DRY rainscreen with an innovative fiberglass lath to deliver a new one-step moisture-control solution.

Stucco and manufactured stone buildings with wood-based sheathing have unique challenges when it comes to moisture. Without the proper moisture protection, long-term structural integrity is compromised. This was the inspiration behind DELTA-DRY & LATH. The new system works to not only block solar-driven moisture from moving through the wall from the outside, but also gets rid of any moisture that originated from inside the house in the first place. This process of full ventilation paves the way for quicker drying, and helps to prevent moisture-related issues.

What makes DELTA-DRY & LATH a unique 2-in-1 rainscreen solution is the added benefit of using a fiberglass lath instead of metal. First, installers are often prone to getting cuts when handling sharp metal, whereas handling fiberglass makes the installation safer, lighter, and smoother. Second, metal laths are known rust over time, creating visual staining and diminishing the aesthetic appearance in stucco and manufactured stone homes, and leaving the structures susceptible to cracks, leaks, and falling stones, along with overall moisture damage. The 2-in-1 benefit of DELTA-DRY & LATH, the combination of the rainscreen and the fiberglass lath in one system, also means that an entire step is eliminated from the construction process. This reduces installation time and costs, while requiring fewer materials to apply the product.

This new moisture-protection solution is essential for builders and contractors who work with stucco and manufactured stone and are on the lookout to build to a higher standard and maintain long-term structural integrity. With DELTA-DRY & LATH, structures are kept sound, call-backs are avoided, and clients are satisfied. In the end, occupant health and comfort are maintained, and the reputation of the builder is kept intact.

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