In its continuing effort to educate building owners, McElroy Metal has published a second e-book.  Tired of Replacing Your Shingle Roof? discusses installing a metal-over-shingle recover system that offers a long-term solution with cost-saving benefits.  McElroy Metal, a family-owned manufacturer of metal roofing and wall panels for a variety of markets, has developed two symmetrical standing seam metal roofing systems that are installed more quickly and provide a long-term, high-performance solution.  The e-book can be downloaded directly from McElroy Metal’s website.

         Tired of Replacing Your Shingle Roof? was produced to help commercial building owners understand there is a better way to recover a failing shingle roof than to apply another short-term asphalt shingle.  Metal offers the advantages of aesthetics, long service life, lower utility expenses, higher recycled content, and it can be recycled after service life.  Metal is also fire resistant, hail resistant, and resistant to high winds. 

         Along with the list of the advantages of metal, the e-book discusses the growing variety of metal roofing options.  It also illustrates how the airspace created between the old roof and the metal roofing system enables energy to move and vent into the atmosphere and not get absorbed into the building.  This above-sheathing ventilation reduces utility load and expenses.


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