Outdoor Kitchen

THOR Kitchen®, a manufacturer of pro-style kitchen appliances, has introduced its new 8-piece Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in February.  The kitchen suite includes 24” indoor/outdoor refrigerator drawers, pizza oven, side burner with bottom cabinet, grill, grill cabinet, sink cabinet, corner cabinet, and appliance cabinet.  THOR Kitchen’s new 8-piece Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite brings the indoor pro-style kitchen aesthetic outdoors at an affordable price.

         THOR Kitchen is a manufacturer of mass-premium pro-style kitchen appliances, offering the first full suite of some of the most affordable pro-style kitchen appliances on the market today.  Based in Southern California, THOR provides all of the power and performance of a premium appliance, built to the highest standards of quality, style, and energy efficiency, all at a practical price.


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