Architect’s Book

         Princeton Architectural Press has published Studio Joy Works, marking the 25th anniversary of Rick Joy’s firm and continues the careful documentation of his work, which began with Desert Works in 2002.  Joy’s work can now be found far from his Tucson, Arizona, base, and among the projects included in this collection are a stone and cedar home and barn in the Green Mountains of Vermont; a vacation villa in Sun Valley, Idaho; a two-family courtyard house in the dense urban fabric at the heart of Mexico City, Mexico; a family retreat along the turquoise water of the Turks and Caicos archipelago; and Joy’s first public project, a train station in Princeton, New Jersey.  Joy’s reputation as one of the country’s most gifted designers, whose mining of materials and site create transcendent, even poetic buildings, was established in his first book, Desert Works.  The projects in this book are further contextualized with an essay by Joy and spectacular photographs. 

         Joy is a Tuscon-based architect with an international reputation for designing timeless modern houses deeply grounded in place.  He lectures widely and his work has been published around the world.

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