BIM Library

         Architects, designers, and specifiers now have multiple options for locating and specifying Petersen’s PAC-CLAD® products during the specification and design phases of any project.  The manufacturer of metal roof and wall panels now hosts roof and wall specs, as well as a library of BIM, CAD, and installation drawings on several design platforms.  Presence on these platforms represents Petersen’s investment in improving ease of use for design professionals by making specs and digital design files available at the critical moments they need access to them.  Petersen knows that to build familiarity and confidence with architects and designers we must have a presence in the spaces where they prefer to work.  Today, these work spaces are digital.  By investing in their digital footprint, Petersen is making it easier for spec writers and architects to do their jobs, and easier for those already familiar with their products to specify them.

         BIM is a digital 3-D process through which product details can be embedded in construction documents.  CAD is a similar but less robust 2-D digital design process.  By using BIM, architects can understand how a construction design will look and perform in the built environment before it is constructed.

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