Color Palettes

         Eldorado Stone® has unveiled five new color palettes across four of its most popular stone and brick profiles.  Each debut showcases the manufacturer’s intricate, hand-painted color application process and represents the latest advancements in color layering techniques for architectural stone veneer.  The new options include two new colors for Vintage Ranch™, along with one new hue each in limestone, RomaBrick, and LedgeCut33®.  New color profiles include whitecap LedgeCut33, dawnwood and stratuswood Vintage Ranch, grand banks limestone, and osso RomaBrick.

         Inspired by crashing waves and pristine sand, whitecap incorporates warm coppers and muted blues, providing a multilayered color option to complement modern design styles.  With the introduction of whitecap, Eldorado Stone reveals the next generation of modern coloring techniques and continues to elevate the tones and textures found in the natural world.

         The debut of dawnwood and stratuswood drive the growing trend of utilizing warm neutrals in lieu of cool tones.  Expanding the color offerings of this popular stone profile, dawnwood resembles a whitewashed beige wood, and stratuswood features earthy grays mingled with warm tones.

         Grand banks balances cream and silvery blue hues with accents of rust and gray-greens across the surface of limestone, infusing timeless textures with modern sophistication.  This chiseled profile conveys traditional formalities and is roughhewn into a rectangular shape.

         Osso, the new blonde brick, integrates warm and ivory-inspired tones to provide a new option for exploring the nuances of color and depth in a variety of designs.  This contemporary option for the classically minded shape of RomaBrick bridges the gap between ancient sensibilities and the present day.

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