Drive Tool

         National Nail’s CAMO® brand has launched its new CAMO Drive™ tool at the 2019 International Builders’ Show®.  Engineered with insight from decking professionals, the CAMO Drive tool was designed to address key challenges faced by professional deck builders today, including speed, ease of deck board installation, the absence of fastener versatility, and the affordability and lack of flexibility in the deck fastening tools in use today.  Installing decking at speeds up to 5X faster than current methods, the CAMO Drive tool allows the user to attach their own drill in a standing position.  They can then use any of three CAMO Drive attachments to secure decking with CAMO EdgeClip™s for grooved boards, CAMO Edge screws, or traditional face screws.

         CAMO exists to provide the best deck fastening installation experience.  Whether you install decks for a living, or maybe just once in your lifetime, CAMO products are designed with you in mind.  CAMO products are made for hard-working people who take pride in their work, value their wallet, and respect brands who respect them.  From fasteners to fastening guides and tools, all CAMO products are engineered so your work looks good and performs as you expect it should.

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