Gasketed LED

         Raising the bar in lighting performance, operational efficiency, and employee safety, Emerson® has launched the Appleton™ Contender™ LED, an extra low-profile enclosed and gasketed LED luminaire that brings energy and maintenance savings of up to 65% to challenging low-clearance areas, such as walkways, catwalks, stairwells, and tunnels.  Designed specifically for retrofit applications, this cost-effective solution mounts directly to the hood of a competitor’s high-intensity discharge (HID) hazardous location luminaire without an adapter, saving time and labor costs.

         Until recently, HID has been the primary light source for hazardous locations.  LED is now the go-to choice for retrofitting the installed base of HID luminaries.  To meet this growing market demand, the Appleton Contender LED was designed to directly retrofit to one of its competitor’s most popular HID models.  Additionally, it is certified with Appleton Mercmaster™ LED Low-Profile globes and many of its accessories including the visor, angled reflector, globe guards, and safety cable.

         Oil and gas facilities, chemical processors, and other hazardous locations place critical demands on luminaries, especially when it comes to extreme temperature ranges and long service lives.  The Appleton Contender LED provides rated illumination through its full ambient operating temperature range of -40°F to 149°F to make sure facilities are safely lit in frigid cold or extreme heat.  In addition, it features a rated L70 lifetime of over 100,000 hours, the equivalent of more than 11 years, adding value while minimizing maintenance requirements.  To withstand particularly harsh areas the construction includes: a proprietary epoxy powder coat finish for unmatched corrosion resistance; a rugged IP68 watertight hub to ensure water in the conduit is kept out of the luminaire, heavy industrial-grade gaskets; high vibration and shock resistance; and a robust 6KV surge suppression circuit to protect against damaging transients.

         With three lumen output options and four interchangeable and field replaceable globes options, which include clear and diffused polycarbonate, clear glass, or prismatic glass refractor, this luminaire delivers the lighting equivalent of 70W to 175W HID luminaires to provide a fully customized solution.

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