Modular Lighting

         Luminii, a manufacturer of specification grade architectural LED lighting systems, has announced two additions to its lineup of modular lighting products, including the high-efficacy LineLED 48 HE and the Matrix Plus LED Panel.  Each is engineered to be the industry’s highest efficacy constant voltage LED lighting systems with a 90+ color rendering index.  Both products are ideal for spaces where superior color quality and performance matter most and offer 30% higher efficacy than the closest competitor.

         Luminii’s new LineLED 48 HE is a high-performance LED strip that sets the new industry standard for constant voltage efficacy while delivering 90+ CRI, producing up to 133 lumens per watt at 3000K.  Its lumen maintenance is calculated at 173,000 hours.  Engineered to deliver greater efficacy while operating at low temperature, the LineLED 48 HE provides outstanding color consistency and dimming performance without the need of an additional heat sink.  All outputs are designed for easier installation with the same tight LED pitch, regardless of output, and the design provides uniform feel and dotting characteristics when installed in various Luminii channels.  The LineLED 48 HE allows for continuous runs up to 55’ with a small 2” cutting increment and is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K color temperatures.

         Luminii’s high-performance Matrix Plus LED Panel provides 90+ CRI, delivering up to 136 lumens per watt at 3000K.  Its lumen maintenance is calculated at 173,000 hours.  The Matrix Plus LED Panel is designed to provide easy installation with the same number of LEDs for all outputs, allowing for the same construction details to be used, regardless of output, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.  A quick connect system allows up to 30 Matrix Plus 12”x12” panels to be connected to one power supply, while its modular design provides high-system configuration flexibility with field cutability down to 2”x4” mini panels.

         From specification to installation, Luminii is dedicated to creating simply brilliant spaces with the most consistent color.  This begins with a single-bin manufacturing process, which precisely organizes diode inventory to guarantee every single product features outstanding color consistency across the entire application.

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