Smoke Detection

         Xtralis┬« has introduced VESDA┬«-E VEA, a new approach for point addressable smoke detection.  VEA provides pinpoint addressability by using a network of microbore tubes connected to sample points located in the protected area.  VEA actively draws air through sample points and analyzes for the presence of smoke particles in a centrally located smoke sensor module.  VEA provides assured detection through active sampling and end-to-end system integrity monitoring.  VEA also provides flexible and fast installation utilizing easy-to-install flexible microbore tubes and push-fit connectors, which reduce installation time and cost.  VEA detector supports 40 sampling points, all managed from a central location.  Its fully supervised microbore tubes and sampling points ensure total system availability.  Centralized tests and maintenance in readily accessible locations reduce service time by up to 90%, allowing servicing of up to 500 addresses a day and lowering total cost of ownership by up to 60%.  

         VEA remote maintenance is ideally suited in applications where interruption-free business operation and restricted access are of paramount importance.  High-quality connectivity and wireless application provides real time and remote access for efficient and effective response.  VESDA-E VEA delivers better value for many different applications, including where spot detectors are difficult to reach, access is restricted, installation and maintenance costs are high, and more.

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