Wall Panels

         Formica® Corporation has introduced HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels, a new line of high-performance wall panels featuring a fiberglass core for added durability, strength, and fire resistance.  HardStop panels are an excellent solution for areas that demand superior protection and ease of maintenance and installation.  The panels are available in the full spectrum of Formica brand colors, allowing for perfect color coordination with other Formica laminate products.

HardStop halfwall

         Today’s commercial spaces need to be strong enough to stand up to the rigors of daily use, while also providing an inviting and beautiful décor.  With HardStop panels, there is no trade-off between aesthetics and durability.  It offers the highest level of fire protection and supreme durability, while allowing design professionals to create interiors that reflect the latest color and design trends.

         Easy to install, HardStop panels are designed to be applied directly to a variety of substrates, including drywall, bringing additional strength and style to vertical applications and settings.  Examples include: healthcare, such as corridors, nurses’ stations, foyers, waiting rooms, patient rooms, labs, and procedure rooms; education, such as dorm rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, corridors, gyms, daycare centers, and restrooms; restaurants, supermarkets, and retail spaces; office areas, such as break rooms and reception areas; airports/mass transit, including wainscoting and jetways; and many other areas, such as elevators, recreation vehicles, ambulances and stairwells.

         HardStop Decorative Protection Panels may be installed using a selection of seam treatments.  Formica Group offers a variety of anodized aluminum trims that come in five profiles for any application: inside corner, outside corner, division bar, end cap, and corner guard.  All trim profiles are available in five anodized colors, including clear anodized, champagne, light bronze, dark bronze, and black.  Color-coordinated 100% silicone or acrylic caulk may also be used as seam treatments.


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