Aerial Imagery

         Nearmap has launched its new 3-D product in a move that will revolutionize the way industries such as urban planning, architecture, construction, government, and councils view and shape cities across the United States.  Nearmap 3-D allows customers to stream and export 3-D imagery on-demand at massive scale, through  its proprietary MapBrowser web application.  Additionally, because the imagery is updated frequently, businesses can work with the most current information to make better-informed decisions.

         Nearmap has developed new AI technology that is turning millions of aerial images, captured over a decade, multiple times a year, into valuable datasets.  These datasets can be used to more accurately and efficiently measure change and quantify attributes, such as solar panels, pools, roofs, or construction sites.  Organizations ranging from small businesses to large companies and cities will be able to take advantage of AI-driven location intelligence.  Accessing 3-D imagery up to now has typically been an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive process, but not anymore.  The ability to measure in 3-D space, size up an area, and then export Nearmap 3-D for use in other platforms will transform the aerial imagery market.

         Nearmap’s light-weight platform offers customers a fully immersive 3-D experience, allowing them to visualize cities in 3-D from any direction, measure distances, and immediately export a custom area in a variety of 3-D formats at unprecedented speed.  The download time is a matter of minutes for most requirements and only a few hours for very large footprints.

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