New Colors

         Cultured Stone®, a provider of manufactured stone veneer, has added to its large-format product offerings with the debut of Textured Cast-Fit® in light-hued stanhope and the addition of carbon, a rich gray color palette, to its existing Cast-Fit profile.  The unique scale of the sister profiles can help builders, architects, and designers make a statement in both commercial and residential applications.  Stanhope, the first color palette in the new Textured Cast-Fit profile, presents a weather-worn array of dusky grays.  Meanwhile, the European-inspired Cast-Fit profile now includes carbon, a new option that emulates the subtle shifts of light and dark tones present in morning fog just before daybreak. 

         Cultured Stone is continually looking to design products that enable versatile applications across residential or commercial projects, both large and small.  The introduction of Textured Cast-Fit provides architects and builders with a distinctive, large-format option that combines soft undertones and a subtle weathered touch.  Its weathered surface includes intricate peaks and valleys that add to the dramatic presentation of variegated edge-to-edge color tones.

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