Plastic Primer

         With new DAP® RapidFuse™ Plastic Primer Kit, hard-to-bond plastic surfaces are no match, offering a fast and flawless repair where other quick-fix adhesives fall short.  Plastic is the number one most common substrate for instant adhesive repair by professionals and DIYers alike, and yet, most glues aren’t formulated for use on all plastic surfaces, particularly polypropylene and polyethylene materials, which are commonly found in a variety of household items.  The result is often a weak bond that breaks over and over again, or a total failure to form a bond in the first place.

         DAP RapidFuse Plastic Primer eliminates the plastic guessing game and ensures a strong, clear bond on all plastic surfaces, enabling users to keep their cherished items rather than tossing them out.  The two-step kit involves an easy-to-use primer, which is applied to the plastic surfaces first.  Once the repair surface is coated with primer, simply wait one minute, apply DAP RapidFuse All Purpose Adhesive, and press together.  In just 30 seconds, the primer and RapidFuse set to create a bond that’s 40% stronger than expanding polyurethane glues and two times more durable than typical super glues.  The end-result is a strong, water-resistant bond, making it a durable solution for both interior and exterior use.  RapidFuse was designed to have the widest possible substrate capability for quick at-home fixes.  With the introduction of the Plastic Primer Kit, professionals and DIYers now have a solution that’s truly complete for any surface.

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