Insulating Tape

         Tnemec Company, Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance protective coatings, has introduced a self-adhesive insulating tape for controlling condensation and providing thermal efficiency on architectural, industrial, water, and wastewater applications.  Series 945 Aerolon Tape contains a proprietary blend of insulative particles for exceptionally low thermal conductivity.  The thermal properties of Aerolon Tape reduce condensation caused by the difference in the temperature between the two sides of a surface.  It has been used to prevent condensation on pipes, tanks, and in areas where thermal bridging is a concern.

         Available in multiple widths that are 30’ long and 1-1/2 mm thick, the insulative tape can be applied in multiple layers to achieve desired thickness or in combination with Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic, a fluid-applied thermal insulating coating for use on a variety of substrates.  Architects and contractors appreciate the product’s speed of installation and cold weather application.  On projects where construction schedules encounter temperatures too cold for Aerolon Acrylic to be spray applied, work can continue using Aerolon Tape.  When temperatures reach below 50º F, use of an electric heat gun can ensure proper bonding of the adhesive.

         Manufactured with a pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy installation, the insulating tape is excellent for controlling condensation on processing equipment and piping with surface temperatures less than 150º F.  The tape is ideal for insulating smaller-diameter structures and helps eliminate the common overspray issues when fluid-applied insulating coatings are used.

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