Stone Collection

         Stone Master Global®, a manufacturer and distributor of stone veneer and thin brick products, has announced the Supreme Collection.  This latest innovation uses a unique, advanced digital printing technology called digiSTONE to create modern and edgy designs for decorative and façade stone.

         In the past, Stone Master Global’s collections have been derived from natural and industrial elements in neutral or traditional tones.  While they have always featured a range of textures and design options, it wasn’t until now that the company introduced a new level of artistry beyond conventional stone concepts.  Although digital printing has existed previously for flat surfaces, such as ceramic and tile, the Supreme Collection opens up different arrangement possibilities by being the first in digital printing on a three-dimensional surface.  Aesthetically striking but also known for its durability, the Supreme Collection is a pre-sealed product to help protect the color and UV resistance, which will save time and cost for installation and maintenance.  The product is lightweight and allows for jointless installation, making application simple and easy.

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