Waterproofing System

         EPRO Services, Inc. (EPRO), a provider of composite waterproofing, methane mitigation, and vapor intrusion systems, has introduced HotDeck™, a hot fluid-applied asphaltic membrane waterproofing system.  HotDeck features a 215 mil reinforced layer of EPRO HD.membrane that cures to form a seamless, fully-bonded, thick, resilient, and highly-flexible waterproofing membrane.  Ideal for split-slab deck applications, pedestal paver decks, and vegetative decks, the HotDeck system is comprised of: a first layer of EPRO HD.membrane 90 mils; a second layer of EPRO HD.skrim reinforcement; a third layer of EPRO HD.membrane 125 mils; a fourth layer of EPRO HD.cap1 or HD.cap2, a premium polymer modified fiberglass protection sheet; and EPRO e.drain 6000, a lightweight three-dimensional, high-compressive strength polypropylene core and bonded non-woven geotextile fabric.  Together, the components of the HotDeck system provide redundant layers of long-term waterproofing protection.  They also protect the rubberized HD.membrane from physical damage through the construction process and UV exposure. 

         EPRO provides a wide range of warranty options for HotDeck systems, including a material warranty, labor and material warranty, and the E.Assurance No-Dollar-Limit warranty.  EPRO makes building products to keep structures dry and safe.  Founded on the belief that redundant systems provide the best protection, EPRO provides composite waterproofing and vapor intrusion systems for all types of performance needs and project conditions.


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