New Conference Center

R-Control SIPs Chosen to Frame and Insulate Robert Redford’s Sundance Conference Center

by Frank Kiesecker, senior vice president, sales & marketing, Architectural Products

From Architectural West Mar/Apr ’11

In the spring of 2010, actor Robert Redford, owner of Sundance Resort, worked closely with Salerno Architects, Ogden, Utah, to select environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient products for the new Redford Conference Center in Sundance, Utah.  Sundance officially opened the new Redford Conference Center on September 16, 2010.  The Conference Center is the latest fulfillment of Robert Redford’s vision for the Sundance Resort, near Mount Timpanogos:  a place that integrates artistic expression, environmental responsibility and successful commerce. 

         R-Control® Structural Insulated Panels from ACH Foam Technologies were selected for their inherent energy efficiency and structural performance.  The exceptional strength of SIPs provides the ability to resist snow loads while spanning over custom built timber frame trusses.  SIPs were also selected for the project because of their reputation for efficient installation and labor time savings. 

         According to Shawn Pollard, project superintendant at R & O Construction, Ogden, Utah, “The R-Control SIPs product was exceptionally quick and efficient to install on the roof areas of the conference center.  This allowed us to move forward on the interior work.”  A total of 15,152 square feet of 8 1/4” and 12 1/4” R-Control SIPs were used to frame the three roof areas of the Center.  This environmentally-friendly building provides nearly 3,500 square feet of meeting space featuring reception areas that wrap the building and transition the outdoors with the interiors.

         SIPs are becoming a popular energy-saving building material with many advantages to builders and building owners.  They can be manufactured to virtually any architectural design.  Because the SIPs are manufactured to spec, there is nearly zero waste on the jobsite and labor is reduced significantly.  Labor time savings range from 30-40%.  SIPs also make inside finish work easier to complete.  Drywall goes up fast and cabinets are quickly attached directly into the SIP facing. 

         A structure built with R-Control SIPs can reduce enough energy consumption to eliminate two to three tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere per year when compared to those built with 2x dimensional lumber.  Over a 30-year time span, a building built with R-Control SIPs can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 to 90 tons.  Add 30 years of energy savings, and it’s not surprising to see SIPs becoming the material of choice for a growing number of builders. 

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