Eco Shingles

Premium Energy-Efficient Solar Reflective Shingles in Bend, Oregon

by Katherine McConnell, marketing manager, Malarkey Roofing Products

From Architectural West Jul/Aug ’11

Whether it involves a company or an individual, sometimes, you just have to do the right thing.  Malarkey Roofing Products maintains the philosophy of providing roofing products that are durable, well designed and cost-effective.  Prior to the implementation of California Title 24 Section 6, the company completed development of two solar-reflective shingle lines, the Ecoasis and the Ecoasis Premium. 

         Malarkey Roofing’s Ecoasis product has been received with great enthusiasm.  Homeowners, specifiers, architects, and roofing contractors who implement sustainable practices have benefited from its sustainable products without a Federal or State mandate.  Individuals can aspire to create a smaller carbon footprint by using a myriad of sustainable products such as energy-efficient roofing, windows, and water delivery systems to maximize efficiency in their homes or buildings. 

         Frank Ring of FRC Design Builders, located in Bend, Oregon, selected the Ecoasis Tumbleweed shingle for the residence pictured on the cover.  The featured home is a part of Brasada Ranch community development project where all of the homes needed to be Earth Advantage Certified.  Earth Advantage is a green certification that uses Energy Star standards in conjunction with other sustainable building processes to create energy-efficient homes.  The Ecoasis Tumbleweed shingle was selected because of its solar reflectivity and it coordinated nicely with the home’s aesthetic.  Every component and element of the development needed to be energy efficient.  The home is 4,400 sq. ft. and incurs $210 in energy bills on a monthly average. 

         The Ecoasis 40-year shingle was constructed to be highly reflective, economical, and durable.  The Ecoasis Premium 50-year shingle was developed to offer high reflectivity, Class 4 impact resistance, added SBS rubberized polymers for shingle performance in all weather, while featuring a Scotchgard(TM) Algae Resistant Roofing System from 3M.

         The exploration process for the Ecoasis Solar Reflective shingle line began at 3M’s laboratory in St. Paul, Minn., with the innovation and creation of 3M’s “Cool Roofing Granules” (U.S. Patent 7,455,899).  3M(TM) Cool Roofing Granules are an energy-efficient breakthrough in roofing granule technology; the reflective granules can help keep homes cool with less energy consumption and can lower energy costs. 

         The Ecoasis shingle colors that were developed, Adobe, Agave, Desert Jewel, Desert White, and Tumbleweed, compliment the earthy landscape of the regions that would find a solar-reflective shingle advantageous, such as the most southern states.  Both Ecoasis shingle lines offer LEED roofing solutions.  The Ecoasis Premium has two colors that meet LEED, Agave with a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 29 and Mesquite with a SRI of 31, both exceeding the LEED requirements.  The Ecoasis offers three LEED colors, Adobe with a SRI of 30, Desert Jewel with a SRI of 29, and Mesquite with a SRI of 29.  All colors are listed with Cool Roof Rating Council (CCRC).  The Ecoasis line offers a distinctive spectrum of colors that can be used for high-pitch or steep-slope LEED roofing projects.

         Commercial buildings aimed at LEED certification are discovering Malarkey’s Ecoasis roofs to be an attractive, functional solution for steep-slope roofing projects.  John A. Hall, the certified facilities manager for Linfield College, located in McMinnville, Oregon, finds Malarkey Roofing products durable, reliable, and attractive.  Linfield College has developed roofing standards around the Malarkey product line.  When the college planned for its first LEED project for the campus’s T.J. Day Hall, it was only natural that Hall would refer to Malarkey for a suitable LEED compliant product.  Hall has been so pleased with the Ecoasis roof performance that it will become a new standard for LEED asphalt shingle roofing materials at the college.

         The Ecoasis Premium has reflective granules, the Scotchgard Algae Resistant Roofing System from 3M, and the durable fiberglass mat coated with SBS asphalt for shingle longevity.  The cost of roofing materials prompts property owners to protect their investments and to trust in a reliable roofing product that will last. 

         The Ecoasis shingle has been a successful additional to the Malarkey Roofing product line.  A solar-reflective energy-efficient shingle aligns with Malarkey’s commit to green practices.  With the addition of the Ecoasis shingle, Malarkey is able to offer a steep-slope, LEED compliant, roofing solution.  Malarkey’s Ecoasis, RCAP, and its Advanced Vegative Roof System, all function as part of its commitment to sustainable solutions. 

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