Acoustical Wall Panels

         G&S Acoustics®, a manufacturer of acoustical, tackable, and sound-diffusing wall and ceiling products, has expanded its product line to include GeoDesign and GeoDesign Ridge acoustical wall panels.  GeoDesign and GeoDesign Ridge panels are cut to standard geometric shapes, such as hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, and polygon, up to 4’ x 4’ across.  They can also be cut to a custom shape that fits a specific design.  The geometric pieces will fit together to create mosaic patterns across a wall.

         The GeoDesign panels are flat and 1” thick while the GeoDesign Ridge panels have a 1-7/8” raised ridge down the center, creating a three-dimensional surface.  The ridge descends to level out at 1” at the edges, allowing the GeoDesign and GeoDesign Ridge panels to be installed contiguously on a wall.  Used together, they create an acoustical wall with both style and depth.

         These sound-absorbing panels have a six to seven pcf fiberglass core that provides an NRC sound absorption range of .55-.85, based on standard acoustically transparent fabric.  GeoDesign and GeoDesign Ridge panels can be covered in G&S Acoustics’ standard acoustical fabric or a fabric of the client’s choice in a variety of colors and edge treatments.  Mounting is easy with clips and adhesive.  All panel components have a Class A rating per ASTM E84.

         G&S Acoustics provides attractive and economical sound control systems for any application.  Acoustical solutions can be customized in design, material, color, shape, and more.  G&S Acoustics’ fabrication process includes custom designs, prints, and shapes to visually and acoustically enhance any interior space.  The company’s extensive product line offers attractive and economical sound control systems for any application.

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