Tnemec Company, Inc., a manufacturer of industrial and architectural protective coatings, has acquired ProPolymer™ Coatings.  ProPolymer Coatings provides tank linings, exterior coatings, and containment products for various plants, from food and chemical processing plants to power generation facilities.  Tnemec and the ProPolymer team are both excited about this endeavor and they look forward to offering their innovative technology to new and current customers. 

         ProPolymer Coatings are formulated to withstand chemical attack on steel and concrete substrates, especially in industry-specific types of plants around the United States.  Their offerings include high-performance vinyl ester linings, secondary containment products for industrial processing; polymer concrete materials, manufactured for thermal shock and chemical resistance; and high-build, surface-tolerant epoxy coatings.              The products will be manufactured and packaged at Tnemec’s main manufacturing facilities located in North Kansas City, Missouri, and offered through Tnemec independent sales representatives throughout North America and abroad.  Tnemec offers long-lasting, unique solutions to protect processing facilities from decorative flooring systems to insulating coatings for condensation control and thermal protection.  Now, with ProPolymer products, every coating in Tnemec’s lineup is designed to help customers feel confident in their coatings choice.

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