Emerson® has announced the new Appleton™ Code Master™ Jr. LED factory-sealed luminaire that combines the energy-efficiency of LED solid state technology with the familiar lighting patterns of traditional incandescent and high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures.  Compatibility with existing Code Master Jr. products makes it easy to retrofit an existing installation in less than five minutes.  In addition, the luminaire delivers crisp white light for superior color rendering and a safer working environment, while allowing facility managers to take full advantage of impressive LED cost savings of up to 85% in petrochemical and chemical processing plants, refineries, waste treatment centers, and other hazardous industrial locations.

         The Code Master Jr. HID has been an industry standard for more than five decades.  The new Code Master Jr. LED provides the same durability and reliability as the original along with money-saving energy efficiency.  Retrofitting the HID fixture only calls for removing the older fixture and threading in the new LED version, a process that takes mere minutes to complete.  The Code Master Jr.’s easy installation makes it an ideal lighting solution for high-energy cost areas.  The only wiring required is attaching two wires to the connection block of the mounting hood.  Acme double-lead threads speed installation and fixture removal from the mounting hood with only half as many turns required compared to single-lead threads.

         The Code Master Jr. enables facility managers to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on utility bills by consuming 85% less energy than incandescents or 50% less energy than HIDs.  The luminaire delivers 60,000 hours of labor-saving, virtually maintenance-free lighting operation, adding value by lowering maintenance costs and requiring fewer stand-by units be kept in stock.  Its service life is four times as long as an HID so it eliminates the high cost of frequent lamp or ballast replacement.

         By applying rigorous hazardous location principles, Emerson incorporated both energy efficiency and safety in a single package.  Appleton Code Master Jr. LED luminaires are designed to provide operation in the presence of ignitable gases, vapors, or dusts, such as in wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical plants, and oil refineries.  Meeting National Electrical Manufacturers Association performance criteria for enclosures, the new fixtures are equally suitable for coastal locations and other wet environments that would damage standard lighting fixtures.  To fight corrosion caused by saltwater or chemicals, the fixtures have a triple coat finish electrostatically applied for uniform protection. 

         The Appleton Code Master Jr. LED is shock-resistant and vibration-resistant, plus has no electrode or filament that can be damaged, so it can be relied upon in heavy manufacturing applications.  Also, like all Appleton LED luminaries, it contains no mercury or other dangerous substances.

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