New Products

         Polyglass® U.S.A. Inc., a manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing solutions, has announced that Polyflex® G APP granulated cap sheet for heat-welded applications now features patented FASTLap® technology.  Designed for significant labor savings and easier installs, FASTLap is a granule-free end lap that allows for a more reliable seal at roll-end.

         FASTLap technology, standard on Polyglass self-adhered APP and SBS membranes, makes Polyflex G unlike any other heat-welded granular cap sheet available today.  With no granules to remove at end laps during install, Polyflex G with FASTLap adheres quicker and the result is a stronger, watertight roof system.

         Polyflex G is an APP modified bitumen roofing membrane specially designed for heat-welded applications.  With superior polyester reinforcing, Polyflex G provides an exceptionally durable roofing solution with long-term weathering performance.  Polyflex G can be used for new roofing, reroofing, recover, flashing, or used as part of a multi-ply system.  By enhancing Polyflex G with FASTLap technology, Polyglass provides roofing contractors with a durable solution that improves on installation process, saves time, and reduces labor cost.  Polyglass offers Polyflex G in ten granulated surface colors, including white, buff, chestnut, and oak.

         Polyglass has also announced their newly developed Elastoflex SA V Plus self-adhered modified bitumen membrane.  This robust base sheet or inter ply can be used to design multi-ply, low-slope roof systems backed by long-term warranties.  Elastoflex SA V Plus is 20% thicker than the existing Elastoflex SA V membrane.  When used in conjunction with an approved Polyglass cap sheet, contractors can build a 240+ mils resilient roof system.  Finished with laylines, Elastoflex SA V Plus installs easily and adheres to a variety of substrates, including non-primed insulation, cover boards, and wood decks.  A fire-rated option, Elastoflex SA V Plus FR, is also available. 

         Joining the ADESO® Dual-Compound Self-Adhered product family, Elastoflex SA V Plus provides for a faster application and saves on labor.  Engineered for long-term performance, Elastoflex SA V Plus is manufactured with an SBS formulation on the top weathering side of the reinforcement and an aggressive self-adhering formulation on the bottom side.  Utilizing a premium SBS compound provides superior low-temperature-flexibility and long-term weathering performance.

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