Prep Courses

         The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is partnering with BenchPrep to revamp its Architect Registration Exam (ARE) prep courses and help accelerate the process for architecture graduates to qualify for licenses.  Through BenchPrep’s industry-leading online learning platform, AIA will provide aspiring architects with ARE educational resources in a one-stop-shop that is comprehensive and easily navigated on a single site.  The revamped program, ArchiPrep, is expected to improve ARE exam participation and success rates for aspiring licensed architects.  BenchPrep’s platform will allow AIA to provide the next generation of architects with an exceptional learning experience.  By doing so, the AIA can better prepare aspiring architects to succeed on these high-stakes exams and in their careers, which is critical to the architecture profession and industry. 

         BenchPrep’s advanced online learning platform helps education and training organizations improve and accelerate learner success by streamlining content management, instructional design, educator tools, analytics dashboards, and reporting into one comprehensive solution.  It also provides flexibility for accessing learning materials anytime, anywhere, and across all devices.  By incorporating gamification, microlearning, and data-driven personalization in its learning platform, BenchPrep makes learning engaging, efficient, and effective.

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