Privacy Window

         There’s a whole new slant on privacy with the introduction of Vari-Lite Windows by Hy-Lite®, a manufacturer of acrylic block, glass block, and decorative glass windows for residential and commercial projects.  The 4’ x 4’ fixed window unit features between-glass blinds that can easily be raised, lowered, and tilted open.  Available with the option of four frame colors, which include white, tan, driftwood, and bronze, fingertip controls on the side of the window allow homeowners to select the view they desire, including full view, partial view, or full closed for maximum privacy.  Also, because the blinds are encased in clear tempered safety glass, the cord-free operation reduces safety risks to children and pets.

Young woman opening curtains and looking out of window at home

         Whether you let the sun shine in full force or tilt the blinds to reduce the rays, the Vari-Lite window makes it possible to completely control the amount of light or privacy in the home.  Also, because the blinds are securely encased in the glass unit, there’s no cleaning hassles with the blinds or the possibility of them getting tangled.  Raising, lowering, and tilting the blinds is an effortless way to put privacy control at your fingertips.

         In addition to the standard 4’ x 4’ Vari-Lite window with white blinds, Hy-Lite also offers custom windows in the new product line.  Hy-Lite also makes it possible, through custom ordering, for a new construction or replacement Vari-Lite window to be selected in a variety of sizes.  Minimum and maximum width and height configurations apply.  Hy-Lite Customer Service can assist when determining a custom size for a Vari-Lite fixed window.

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