Sustainable Products

         Tile Doctor®, a provider of eco-conscious products and solutions for the tile industry, has introduced ZHERORisk® products, a new line of non-toxic, non-corrosive, and sustainable products for tile applications.  The initial launch of ZHERORisk products includes: Litokol® Aquamaster Waterproofing, a solvent-free, ready-to-use liquid membrane for waterproofing moist environments in both interior and exterior settings that does not require reinforcement mesh or fabric and sealing straps to protect corners and edges; Litokol Litoelastic EVO, a two-part, no vertical slip adhesive for indoor and outdoor installation of ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and natural or composite stone; and Litokol Epoxy Élite EVO, an acid-resistant epoxy mortar/setting product for the installation and grouting of ceramic and glass tiles on indoor and outdoor floors and walls.

         Aquamaster Waterproofing, Litoelastic EVO, and Epoxy Élite EVO are ultra-low in VOC emissions, meeting the strictest tolerances for indoor air quality.  ZHERORisk products have been developed with the aim of delivering the highest performance possible while significantly lowering environmental and health impacts.  The use of sustainable, environmentally sound materials offers healthier alternatives for installers, consumers, and the planet while also contributing to improved indoor air quality and building wellness.  This next generation of tile installation products is poised to change the way the industry approaches tile and stone installation. 

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