Wood Stain

         Nova USA’s ExoShield Wood Stain was specifically designed to provide long-lasting, superior protection for exterior decking, siding, and outdoor furniture, while creating a naturally durable finish with exceptional color stability.  Using a proprietary blend of tung oil, UV blockers, fungicide, and trans-oxide pigments, ExoShield’s water-resistant, acid-resistant formula is also ideal for enhancing wood stability and reducing cracking or warping.

         ExoShield uses only the finest marine grade ingredients to preserve the natural luster and beauty of both hardwood and softwoods.  Just apply ExoShield to wood surfaces, let dry for 30 minutes, then wipe it off to admire the long-lasting, vivid results.

         ExoShield exterior wood stain combines the penetrative and protective properties of tung oil and fungicide to maintain the timeless beauty of exterior wood products; delay graying; and protect against water damage, fungi, and harmful UV rays.  In addition, ExoShield applications are extremely cost-effective.


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