Contemporary Maritime Design

Neighborhood is Honored through Design in Seattle, Washington

by Marie Ortega, AEP Span Communications Specialist

From Architectural West May/Jun ’16

Architects get their inspiration and vision for a design from many places, and sometimes that inspiration comes from a place and time long ago.  Ballard is an old neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, which is rich in maritime history with connections to mill workers, fishermen, and boat builders who emigrated primarily from Scandinavia back in the late 1800s.  Today, that history is honored through the design of AMLI Mark 24, a multifamily project which is located in the heart of the Ballard neighborhood.  AMLI Residential, which owns and operates Mark 24, focuses on the development, acquisition, and management of luxury apartment communities across the United States. 

         “The site was formerly owned by the Jacobsen family, who operated a well-known boating store there,” stated Jon Hall, AIA, Senior Associate at GGLO Design, Seattle, Washington.  “Mark 24 pays homage to the Jacobsen legacy with curving forms and contemporary aesthetics reminiscent of hydroplanes, engines, and modern boat design.  GGLO used AEP Span metal siding to sculpt the façade with striking colors evoking the power, motion, and shapes of this nautical concept.  The curving forms of the elevation with sleek materials are in reference to the maritime forms of power boats and boat engines for which the Jacobsens had a lot of personal history.” 

         The interior theming plays homage to the history of Ballard and the former uses on the site.  Also incorporated into the design are features that honor the history of the timber industry.  The lobby features a wood wall echoing the days of the timber mills and a legacy band, which winds its way through the space from exterior to interior.  There is a wood and steel Legacy Wall, which pays tribute to Ballard’s neighborhood timber history in general as well as an etched timeline of the Jacobsen family’s personal connection with the site.  Also, there are historical art and photos that capture the former legacy as well.  The rooftop sunroom, with exposed wood beams and green roof, was another link to that timber history.  

         Building a green and sustainable building and incorporating modern amenities were also important goals to achieve.  “Using metal siding containing recycled material content assisted with the achievement of LEED Silver certification for Mark 24,” said Hall.  The 267,341 sq.ft. multi-family project includes 304 units and features AEP Span’s 24 gauge Nu-Wave® Corrugated architectural wall panel in cool regal blue and 22 gauge Prestige Series® wall panel in cool ZACtique® II.  Span-Lok™ hp roof panel in cool dark bronze was used for the canopy application. 

         The project took 25 months to complete and there were no significant delays.  The 9,722 sq.ft. of amenity space includes work pods, a video conferencing center, clubroom, fitness and yoga studio, and an outdoor courtyard fire pit with a view for the residents to enjoy. 

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