Multi-Purpose Facility

Mount Rainier Overlooks Super-plant

by Tony Matter, freelance writer for the construction industry

From Architectural West Nov/Dec ’12

Construction is wrapping up at the site of Carlisle Construction Materials’ latest insulation manufacturing facility.  It is in Puyallup, Wash., and has a front-seat view of Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in Washington and the Cascade Range.  The plant, that will manufacture polyiso, EPS, and structural insulated panels (SIPs), will feature the most state-of-the-art machinery and technology, allowing Carlisle to manufacture unique polyiso-EPS composite products in addition to the standard and premium polyiso and EPS materials.

         “Due to the geographical location of this facility, where heating degree days (HDD) far outnumber cooling degree days (CDD), we decided to install a dark-colored EPDM membrane in conjunction with a combination of polyiso and EPS insulations.  The dark-colored roof will help the facility cut down on its primary energy consumer, heating costs, giving Carlisle a higher rate of return on its investment,” said Charlie Soffel, Carlisle’s Northwest regional sales manager.  “Carlisle SynTec Systems’ DryLights were included in the installation and the EPDM membrane was installed using Carlisle’s new VOC-compliant solvent-free EPDM bonding adhesive, making this roof system a model for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.”

         “Carlisle’s solvent-free EPDM bonding adhesive was very forgiving, and we were impressed by the ease of installation of the system,” said David Schlecht of Rooftoppers, Vancouver, Wash., the contractor that installed the EPDM roof system on top of the new manufacturing facility.  “The adhesive allowed enough time to correctly lay out the sheets, yet we were able to reduce our labor costs due to its one-sided, wet lay-in capability compared to having to apply adhesive to both the substrate and the membrane as with many standard roofing adhesives.”

         This new manufacturing plant in Puyallup will also give Carlisle the ability to provide enhanced support and service to its western partners, a real benefit for a product that needs to be delivered to jobsites on a just-in-time basis.  And because of the plant’s dual-product manufacturing capabilities, customers will now be able to order mixed loads of Carlisle polyiso and EPS in the same shipment.

         Like most of Carlisle’s existing polyiso manufacturing facilities, the Puyallup plant will also produce Carlisle’s full line of Hunter Xci-branded continuous wall insulation products.  These polyiso products are used in multi-story, Type 1-4 commercial buildings where wall assemblies must be compliant with the NFPA 285 fire test.  Hunter Xci continuous wall insulation will also be manufactured for residential use as well.

         In the first part of 2013, the Puyallup plant will become the headquarters of Carlisle’s Insulfoam EPS brand, transitioning from the brand’s current headquarters in Tacoma, Wash.  The relocation of facilities will be seamless and will not impact customer service or deliveries.  This new plant will produce Insulfoam’s current breadth of roofing, construction, OEM, Geofoam, and SIPs products.

         Additional features at the Puyallup facility include 13 shipping bays, three conference rooms, and a fully functional training room where Carlisle’s partners can receive up-to-date training on every Carlisle, Hunter, and Insulfoam product.

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