BIM Library

         Oldcastle APG has expanded its Building Information Modeling (BIM) Design Tool Library with BIMsmith®, a cloud platform for architects and building design professionals, to include three of Belgard® Hardscapes’ most popular products lines: Moduline Series® and Aqualine Series™ pavers and Diamond Pro Segmental Retaining Walls, as well as several Westile® rooftop pavers.  APG already features BIMsmith’s cloud platform for all Echelon masonry product lines. 

         Belgard provides commercial building design professionals with a one-stop shop for their trusted hardscape products.  Oldcastle APG’s investment in BIM is a conscious move to provide commercial architects and designers with a comprehensive resource for pavers and masonry when it comes to BIM content as well.

         Like Echelon Masonry, Belgard Hardscapes will offer BIMsmith’s suite of commercial BIM tools that make it easy to design in just a few simple clicks.  The availability of accurate and intelligent BIM objects from Belgard provides designers with a wealth of essential product data and saves them significant time during the design process.  Each 3D model is compatible with Autodesk® Revit® and includes access to specifications, cut sheets, and other valuable product data.

         The partnership with BIMsmith also integrates Belgard products with BIMsmith’s free cloud tools for commercial building design professionals.  Now, architects and designers worldwide can find and download Belgard products from BIMsmith Market, BIMsmith’s free platform for building product research and discovery, and from BIMsmith Forge, an innovative tool that allows users to configure entire multi-layer assemblies in the cloud and export them as complete systems.

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