Ceramic Alliance

         Tile Council of North America has launched The Ceramic Alliance to begin working with other associations and companies in the ceramic industry on interests common to all ceramic sectors, especially brick, refractories, roof tiles, and ceramic tiles.  Through The Ceramic Alliance, members can share concerns, ideas, questions, solutions, and expertise on topics where individual resources may be scarce.  Together, the two entities provide a strong voice to ensure that the ceramic industries’ perspectives are loudly heard by regulators and legislators. 

         The Ceramic Alliance participates in coalitions, such as the Clean Air Forum, NAM workgroups, and SBA Roundtables, and compiles information to create a digest of documents and activities of environment, health, and safety (EHS) importance.  This information is distributed regularly through The Ceramic Alliance to provide members the opportunity to influence EHS regulatory programs early in their development, when more substantive input and flexibility is possible.

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