Composite Wall

         LAMILUX Composites has welcomed LAMILUX TextureWall to its product portfolio.  This product allows LAMILUX Composites to unite mechanical properties of composite plastics with an attractive, resistant façade plaster surface for the first time.  A future trend in construction and renovations comprises pre-fabricated modular buildings and sandwich constructions, whether for mobile homes, containers, military warehouses, renovation of existing housing, workshops, or pre-fabricated buildings.  Whereas existing products primarily feature a smooth, clinical-looking surface, LAMILUX TextureWall excels thanks to its attractive, authentic plaster look, comprising a UV-proof and weatherproof variant for outdoor areas. 

         LAMILUX TextureWall is manufactured in a continuous GRP roll.  This ensures there are no joints that need plastering and allows construction work to be completed sooner and at less expense.  The authentic plaster structure is the main feature of this new LAMILUX product, but there are other advantages which make this product innovation attractive for consumers and clients.  Compared to conventional façade plastering, LAMILUX TextureWall also offers greater erosion resistance, thus optimizing thermal properties, particularly in existing buildings.  LAMILUX TextureWall also opens up new options for building renovation since the modular GRP sandwich cladding can be quickly positioned on top of old cladding at an affordable price.  The cladding no longer needs to be plastered, moisture is prevented from penetrating, the wall thickness can be reduced, and living space can be created. 

         Due to their automated, continuous production process, which can be reproduced at any time, LAMILUX fiber-reinforced composites feature consistently high quality.  LAMILUX TextureWall is available in different types and plaster structures, customer-specific colors and décors, and in varying thicknesses and widths.

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