Square Light Fixture

         Amerlux, a design-and-manufacture lighting company, has announced its Rook® LED pendant family has grown with the addition of a square fixture that will create options for architects and lighting designers.  Amerlux’s Rook 3-1/2″ Square Pendant is a versatile solution for open ceilings as a surface-mount pendant or a pendant with a remote driver.  Amerlux has made a business out of listening to the marketplace, and its new square Rook fixture is based on demand from architects and lighting designers who want another look to go with the reduced energy costs and enhanced beam control that’s already built into the existing Rook LED product line.

         Amerlux products address four important demands from the marketplace, including color, comfort, control, and configuration.  The striking Rook 3-1/2″ Square Pendant is warm and welcoming, yet square and modern.  Ideal for retail and commercial ambient/task lighting, the fixture offers a range of color temperatures.  The Rook 3-1/2″ Square Pendant is offered in 11W, 14W, 16W, 18W, and 21W options.  The lumen output includes 1,305 lm and 1,732 lm, while CBCP spans from 4,763 to 12,503.

         Beam spread options include spot, narrow flood, medium flood, flood, wide flood, very wide flood, and linear spread for the fixture’s SD version.  In addition, a Satin Ice Lens, which provides maximum source concealment and wide distribution with a visually hotter aperture, is available.  Also, a Solite Lens offers maximum efficacy and a visually quieter aperture with 30º, 50º, and 65º beam-spread options.  Dimming options include TRIAC, ELV, and Lutron Hi-lume H Series/Eco System.


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