Stationary Awnings

         Feeney®, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum railing systems, has introduced a line of stationary awnings designed to provide protection in a wide variety of climates and settings.  Constructed of powder-coated aluminum and strong polycarbonate panels for long-lasting durability and defense from the weather, the awning kits are available in two styles: Icon, a streamlined design with clean lines and curves; and Era, a classical design with a more ornate look and feel.  A modular approach simplifies installation and enables selection of components based on project and design preferences.  Customers simply choose a style, and then select the desired polycarbonate panel option, frame color, and any extension kits. 

         Awnings offer a great way to enhance the exterior of a residence or building, adding an aesthetically pleasing architectural component while also making the entry more welcoming and protecting people from the elements.  Feeney’s kit system makes it easy for customers to choose from a variety of design options to create an awning that will elevate their structure and provide a beautiful, statement-making exterior.

         The awning kits are suitable for a broad range of climates and have been engineered to withstand snow/wind loads up to 35.5 psf.  Built-in rain gutters at the front edge of the awnings direct runoff to the sides.  The polycarbonate panels come in a choice of clear, frosted, and gray tint, and awning frames are available in 14 standard colors, including Feeney’s vibrant Express Yourself hues, along with custom colors.  Optional extension kits can be added to extend awning coverage on straight sections and around corners.

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