Architecture Drawing Prize

The overall winner of the third annual Architecture Drawing Prize is Anton Markus Pasing with his work entitled City in a box: paradox memories.

Working in the fields of experimental architecture, prototype design and fine arts, German architect Pasing has been awarded the prize for best digital drawing as well as being crowned the overall winner of The Architecture Drawing Prize. ‘City in a box: paradox memories represents an unknown city full of stories, closed in a large box. Until the box is opened, the city is in an ‘intermediate state’, it is both real and non-existent at the same time.

The artist added, “I prefer the digital method for creating my work, because it allows me to achieve complex representations as well as being able to illustrate narrative aspects more clearly. I don’t aim to generate answers with my images, but to use them to ask questions or tell simple stories.”

Narinder Sagoo, senior partner at Foster + Partners and one of the judges of the prize commented, “I thought the level of depth, the confidence in composition, the pure symmetry, and strong perspective really emphasized the simplicity of the notion of the box. You want to look at the drawing for days on end.”

This year The Architecture Drawing Prize saw a total of 126 entries representing 23 countries, showing the truly international nature of the prize. The majority of the entrants were architects (24%) and students (20%).

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