Touchplan® has announced its acquisition of leading construction consultancy Macomber Consultants, LLC.  This new partnership is a major catalyst for Touchplan’s mission to redefine the project experience to meet the demands of an increasingly data-driven workforce and customer base through the addition of powerful technology.  Founded in April 2016 by Hal Macomber, Macomber Consultants has served architects, engineers, builders, and owners to facilitate their adoption of lean operating strategies.  Throughout his consultancy, Macomber has been focused on company-wide practices to promote continuous improvement and business transformation.

         After experimenting with lean construction software since the late 1990s, Macomber found that he achieved the best results using Touchplan.  For the past three years, he has worked with Touchplan’s leadership in an advisory role to determine crucial client needs and how to further develop its solutions.  In his new role as executive vice president at Touchplan, he will apply his decades of experience as a consultant and coach to build advantageous behaviors into the Touchplan user experience so that customers can achieve consistent efficiency gains faster.  To help quantify these gains, Macomber will develop an industry standard for executives seeking to benchmark and improve company-wide Last Planner® System implementations.  Throughout his career, Macomber has focused on identifying the problems that hold projects and companies back and eliminating those obstacles to change the way the industry works.  Putting his support behind Touchplan’s software, which improves collaboration and transparency to accelerate project completion, establishes a new standard for success. 

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