As a single-source solution for anodize, paint, and specialty finishing, as well as value-added services, Linetec has published five new brochures available for download or, by request, in print.  The anodize and painted finishes brochures present benefits, specification criteria, care, and cleaning, and describes Linetec’s color choices, processes, quality control, material size guidelines, and warranties.

         Anodize Finishes: Beauty Made to Last highlights the metallic aesthetic, durable performance benefits, and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s AAMA 611 specification standard for Class I and II anodized aluminum.  Linetec offers clear, champagne, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze, extra-dark bronze, and black as standard anodize colors.

         Paint Finishes: Unlimited Choices showcases Linetec’s premiere and standard color options, and its custom color matching and in-house blending services achieve any imaginable hue meeting AAMA 2603, 2604, and 2605 standards.  In addition, the brochure promotes Linetec’s online Select and Spec tool to order paint color samples from more than 50,000 coating colors.

         Specialty Finishes: Unique and Durable Aesthetics provides an overview of Linetec’s innovative, proprietary finish options for architectural aluminum products.  Wood Grain Finishes: Maintenance-Free Beauty elaborates on the Specialty Finishes brochure’s summary and displays the 16 Gold Series textured wood grain finishes.  Unlike natural wood, Linetec’s wood grain finishes for aluminum do not swell, rot, warp, or attract insects.  These durable finishes are fire retardant; resist corrosion, water, and humidity; and meet the stringent standards of AAMA 2604. 

         Along with Linetec’s new Service Capabilities brochure, these value-added services are featured on the website’s Services section and include aluminum stretch forming, thermal improvement services; stock flat sheet and extrusion; Linetec managed inventory; Linetec managed trucking; brake metal and fabrication; onsite repair and restoration; and packaging and shipping.

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