Analysis conducted by the United States Department of Energy has shown that window attachment products such as storm windows, shades, blinds, and films have the potential to save significant energy in homes and residential buildings.  In older homes, window systems typically account for 25% of annual heating and cooling costs, but can be responsible for as much as 40%.  This means many homeowners are spending more money than necessary on heating and air conditioning.

         The Attachment Energy Rating Council (AERC), an independent third-party certification of the energy-saving potential of a product, has certified Larson interior and exterior storm window products, helping homeowners achieve energy savings and enhance the comfort of their homes.  Prior to the AERC certification program, homeowners did not have a rating system available to assist them in selecting energy-efficient window attachments, such as storm windows, blinds, shades, and films.

         Larson storm windows also recently received ENERGY STAR® certification.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that on a national average, ENERGY STAR certified storm windows can save homeowners $350 on their annual heating and cooling bills, when installed over single-pane clear glass windows.

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