New Color Palettes

         Cultured Stone® has taken charge of the increasing demand for saturated, monochromatic color options with the debut of two new color palettes for its popular Country Ledgestone profile: Gunnison and Wheaton.  On the darker side of the spectrum, Gunnison reveals hues of brooding charcoal and gunmetal punctuated by highlights of powdery light gray.  Meanwhile, Wheaton anchors the lighter side of the spectrum with a compelling mix of tawny silvers and cool neutral grays for a brighter balance of color tones.  Both options are capable of injecting personality into a variety of spaces, whether you’re looking to incorporate the calmer neutral gradient of Wheaton or something with a moodier sense of drama such as Gunnison.

         With the introduction of Wheaton and Gunnison, Cultured Stone reveals the next generation of contemporary color options and continues to innovate beyond the tones and textures found in natural ledgestone.  These new, monochromatic palettes utilize variations of a single color family while adding visual and tactile interest, augmenting designs with additional depth that’s never overpowering.  Country Ledgestone profiles provide trade professionals with an extensive variety of colors and incorporate easily into any space.  The stark, cut lines and rugged edges of each stone shape complement both rustic and contemporary designs, and the dry grout look makes installation quick and easy.

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