Color Expansion

         Sometimes the easiest way to transform a home’s exterior is by adding contrast and color.  Now, builders and remodelers no longer have to imagine the effect a refreshed exterior has on curb appeal with the launch of black to the Charter Oak® and D5 Punched Vinyl Soffit lines from Alside®.  The products are an attractive, low-maintenance option for porch ceilings, overhangs, or focal points where you want to create high-impact appeal.  It’s the obvious choice for adding quality and distinction to a home. 

         Charter Oak features the exclusive TriBeam® System, which provides unsurpassed panel rigidity and superior wind resistance.  It spans uneven surfaces while resisting sagging over long runs.  For eaves, aeration openings hidden inside the panel’s grooves provide the air flow needed to reduce heat and humidity build-up in attics.  The new black color used as an accent in soffit applications mixes well with existing vinyl siding standard and architectural colors.  It also provides countless options to achieve unique color schemes to better serve new construction and remodeling customers.

         This color expansion coincides with Alside’s seven new siding, soffit, trim, and accessory colors as part of the Explorer Collection.  Inspired by nature, these deep saturated hues, cool neutrals, and bold shades will transform the appearance of any home.  The new colors include on-trend grays, blue, red, green, and timeless browns.

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