Corner Bead

         ClarkDietrich® has announced the launch of Strait-Flex® Gold, a new paper-faced composite corner bead featuring a memory-free hinge that adjusts to any angle to create perfect inside and outside 90° as well as off-angle corners.  Strait-Flex Gold replaces the previous Mid-Flex 250 corner bead in the product line.  Strait-Flex Gold combines the high-performance that users have come to know from the Strait-Flex brand with the versatility that makes it ideal for a wide range of drywall finishing applications.

         The product’s composite structural backing provides strength for durability and impact resistance, while the heavy-weight, diamond-punched paper provides maximum adhesion for an even lay-down of the paper edge and reduced edge cracking.  In addition, the paper surface is pretreated to accept paint, and finishing compound is not required over the laminated area, which results in 50% less compound versus standard corner bead.  Strait-Flex Gold is packaged in 100’ rolls that can be cut to the desired length in the field to minimize scrap loss.  In conjunction with the launch of Strait-Flex Gold, Mid-Flex 300 and Wide-Flex 400 will be rebranded as Strait-Flex Mid-Flex and Strait-Flex Wide-Flex, respectively, and will receive new packaging to coordinate with the Strait-Flex Gold product.

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