Management Team

         Continuing its transformation to build the next generation architecture practice, MK Think has added two diverse experts to its management team, including Marijke Smit as principal and chief operating officer, and John Berg serving as principal and chief business officer.  Differentiating itself from the typical architecture firm, MK Think employs an augmented intelligence approach to space creation, using a multi-dimensional method of problem solving, integrating technology, environment, and human factors to uncover how people and their environments interact.  By framing the right problem to implement the most effective solution, MK Think creates intelligent places where buildings are able to respond and adapt to their occupants.

         “Smit and Berg bring very unique and compatible skills to MK Think,” said Mark Miller, MK Think founder and CEO.  “The gap between architecture and our daily life is immense.  With technology cycling every 18 months, and architecture stumbling years behind, only a dynamic organization responding to change, at the actual pace of change, can be successful.  At MK Think, by investing in people like them, we can drive that change.”

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