Metal Wall Panels

         CENTRIA®, an innovator and manufacturer of building envelope wall and roof panels, integrated components, and coating systems, has introduced TotalClad™ MW fire-resistant insulated metal wall panels.  Building upon its current offering, Micro Planked, the panels are now available in striated and heavy embossed options.  TotalClad MW fire-resistant insulated metal wall panels reimagine fire protection by offering a single component metal panel solution for both interior and exterior applications.

         TotalClad MW fire-resistant insulated metal panels feature a non-combustible mineral wool core that provides superior fire performance as well as good thermal characteristics.  The mineral wool core is bonded to exterior and interior metal skins and achieves one-hour, two-hour, and three-hour fire ratings with 4”, 6”, 7”, and 8” thick panels, respectively.

         TotalClad MW is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, arenas, and manufacturing facilities, and is equally well-suited to interior and exterior applications.  It is able to adhere to the most stringent fire performance building codes and provides a vapor barrier thanks to its noncombustible mineral wool core.  The panels are also dimensionally stable, water repellent, and will not expand, thereby maintaining structural integrity and aesthetics.

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