Reinforced Siding

         CertainTeed®, a North American brand of sustainable building materials, has announced its new reinforced siding innovation, CERTAplank™.  Made in the United States and available nationwide, the wide-faced, durable vinyl cladding combines modern hardboard looks with a lightweight 7”, slim but rigid profile that can be installed quickly and safely, and requires virtually no upkeep.

         CERTAplank is the result of many years of research and product development.  Fiber cement and wood planks are cumbersome and heavy, and they require special tools, extra crew, and safety gear to install.  CERTAplank resolves these installation issues while delivering a beautiful, flat-face hardboard look. 

         Because CERTAplank is lighter weight and more flexible than fiber cement or natural wood siding, contractors can hand unload CERTAplank without any special equipment, storage, or stacking requirements.  Panels will not crack or chip, and there are no OSHA restrictions on handling or cutting material outdoors.  Any standard 3/4” siding accessories can be used as trim, including standard new construction window J-Channel.  In addition, the durable foam backer and panels both meet the code specified Class A flame spread rating for building materials, when tested in accordance to ASTM E-84.  Moisture-resistant panels feature a post-formed factory lock, heavy-duty thickness, and rolled-over reinforced nail hem, which have been designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

         With CertainTeed’s proprietary STUDfinder™ and self-leveling tight lock features, a single person can easily install the CERTAplank panels.  There are no special saws, masks, nail guns, caulk guns, paint, or leveling tools to purchase, and upkeep is inexpensive for homeowners because the vinyl surface is easily cleaned with soap and water.  Plus, because there is no need for caulking or painting touch-ups, long-term maintenance costs are significantly reduced.  Now available nationwide, CERTAplank is offered in 18 colors with a woodgrain finish.

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