Tangram, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments and workspaces, has announced the appointment of Cheryl Krasho as a senior sales executive in the firm’s technology team.  Krasho brings 15 years of experience in IT/AV, including more than ten years serving on the International Facility Management Association’s Los Angeles, California, chapter board, including the position of programs committee chair.  She has worked closely with facility managers and IT managers in both the public and private sectors in consultative sales.  

         “Facility management groups play a key role in collaborating on the successful design and implementation of the technologies required for today’s digital workspaces,” said Mark Coxon, director of technology sales.  “We welcome Krasho’s deep familiarity with their needs and priorities to further strengthen our capabilities in coordinating our work with them.” 

         Tangram has also announced the appointment of Angelika Carry as architectural products sales executive in the company’s flooring, walls, and construction division.  Carry brings a robust interior design background with experience in business development, sales, and marketing for commercial interiors companies, as well as for providers of architectural products.  She also has operated a highly successful private practice in residential interiors consulting and home staging.  Carry received her accreditation in interior and environment design from the University of California Los Angeles. 

         Carry’s experience has resulted in a holistic approach to healthy living and high-performance workspaces incorporating premium products that are sustainability focused and planet friendly.  As an advocate for sustainability and wellness, she collaborates with interior designers and other building professionals to create environments that foster an overall sense of wellbeing in life and productivity in the workplace.

         ”We are very pleased to welcome Carry to the Tangram team,” said division general manager Dave Teper.  “Her professional expertise, as well as her commitment to creating environmentally positive and motivating spaces, is a perfect match with our goals for meeting the needs of our customers.”

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